As of February, 2020, the University of California has updated their online publisher course policies. The UC no longer maintains a list of “A-G Approved” courses from online curriculum providers; rather, they offer an “Online Course Publisher Directory,” which can be accessed here. Any course publisher found in the directory has college prep course options that the UC recognizes.

All schools are responsible for maintaining their own A-G course lists with the UC using your A-G Management Portal.

Information regarding the new procedures is accessible on the UC website at: Here, the page called “University of California A-G Policy Resource Guide” will assist you in updating and managing your own sites’ A-G lists. It will also explain the procedures for adding online courses and publishers to your lists.

While this is explained on the UC website, online course publishers like Cyber High no longer submit courses to UC for review and A-G approval. Rather, schools now:

  1. certify that the online courses from their selected UC-registered online course publisher(s) are comparable to A-G courses offered at the high school
  2. self-report the courses to UC so that they are added to the school’s A-G course list along with all the non-online courses they also offer

Cyber High has indicated which of our courses either have been approved in the past and/or those we consider to be of sufficient rigor to be A-G college prep appropriate in each subject area in the Course Catalog tab on our website.

It is extremely important that school sites utilizing Cyber High consider these recommendations before adding a Cyber High course to their UC course lists; the UC has made it clear that they will be auditing schools’ lists and online courses, and they will penalize those they find to be out of compliance with their A-G subject-area standards.

As we go forward, clients will be notified of any changes and/or updates regarding Cyber High courses that could be considered appropriate for A-G purposes in the Course Catalog tab. Just look for the green checkmark next to the course name in the “College Prep A-G Appropriate” column.